Wholesalers of automated bulk SMS and Voice messages.

SMS and Voice Marketing for your customers to sell more

The perfect solution for your clients

SMSEASYSMS provides an effective SMS and Voice tool for marketing agencies.

Offer the channel with the highest return to your customers

Includes SMS in advertising strategies for both customer loyalty and customer acquisition.
79% of mobile users base their purchase intention on SMS proposals.

Analyze the results of the campaigns and create personalized reports

Offer a complete platform to your clients, from which they can send SMS and Voice communications, in addition to measuring the results to obtain a greater return.

Help your accounts optimize their strategy

Generate traffic to web pages or sales points through SMS and Voice, getting qualified leads for your products and services.

Free Guide

Download our free guide to start using SMS in your marketing strategies and that of your customers.


Fully customizable platform.

Fully customizable platform. Hosted in your domain, with your own logo and corporate image.

Installation and integration is simple and fast. In less than a day, you could be using the SMSEASYSMS tool.

Create and manage customer accounts, load balance, assign rates and routes, configure senders and much more.

Your customers for not sending marketing campaigns or transactional messages through the most effective channels: SMS and voice

Global coverage at best price. We offer you the best routes on the market.

Integration via API.

Integration via API. Automate your SMS sendings from your software through ours APIS.

Offer your customers the most complete statistics for delivery and campaign.

Manage your contacts in an optimal way. Import contacts from databases, create sending groups, manage your blacklists and much more.

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