Communicate with your clients by voice calls

through the most powerful voice messaging service

 Own Label Voice Services.
Voice Messaging and Text2Speech.

Surprise your receivers with


to fixed and mobile at the best price.

Advantages of using Voice messages

Text to Audio automatically

Turn your text messages into voice calls, improve the impact of your communications using SMSEASYSMS Voice Services.

Custom Calls

Send massive and personalized Voice messages to communicate to customers, validate transactions, etc. In addition, it reduces administration or manual verification costs and reduces fraud.

Upload your own audios

Radio spots, messages from influencers, etc. It is 100% customizable, always available, and does not require additional software or learning how to use it.

Yes you pay for off-hook calls

Very economical price, even more than an SMS, without installation cost or monthly cost, only Voice messages delivered with a flat rate per country/destination are paid . Sends voice messages to both landlines and mobiles.

Complete statistics

Obtain the most complete statistics of your shipments and those of your customers. Measure, analyze and learn about the results of your Voice campaigns.

How to send massive Voice messages through SMSEASYSMS?

Simple, fast and at the best price. We offer you any country to send cheap Voice message campaigns.
Choose the recipient(s), as well as the sending country.
Create the Voice Message you want to send in a personalized way.
Set up sending. Sending name, labels, and much more.
Send a test before launching your campaign.

In addition, you can perform through the white label platform:

We offer international virtual phone numbers (VLN’s) that are easily integrated into applications, in this way you can make a communication P2A and P2P.