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With SMSEASYSMS you can


in addition to starting your own SMS reseller business without additional costs.

Advantages of using SMSEASYSMS

Send Personalized SMS

Create a direct link with your customers by personalizing your messages. With our platform you will be able to insert fields that are automatically customized when making shipments.

It is just a few minutes you will be able to get the maximum performance.

Fragmented shipments

Fragmented delivery system from a single database. With this functionality you can decide the number of telephone numbers that will receive your SMS in each batch and the time interval between batches, so that you can avoid the web crashing and better measure the result of your campaign.

Schedule your sendings

Choose the time and day that you want to make your delivery. In addition, SMSEASYSMS is designed for international marketing campaigns, so you can decide the time zone in which your shipment is made.

Reliability and fair price

We have connections with back-up operators so that you are never affected by a service cut, in addition, you only pay for the SMS you send.

Global coverage and high speed sendings

We provide from the beginning the possibility of sending 150 SMS per second to more than 180 countries, thanks to our direct connections.

Sending statistics

With SMSEASYSMS you will obtain the most complete statistics of your shipments and those of your customers.
Measure, analyze and learn about the results of your SMS campaigns .
  • Measure, analyze and learn about the results of your SMS and Voice message campaigns.
  • Section of BENEFIT STATISTICS, you will be able to know:
    • The top customers that generate the most profit for you
    • The clients that have the most volume
    • Global situation in which you find yourself
  • Offer a complete platform to your clients, from which they can not only send SMS and Voice communications, but also know and measure the results of their shipments, in order to thus be able to optimize their future campaigns and get a higher conversion.

Our platform is totally free, with no setup or maintenance costs.


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