White label SMS and Voice messaging platform

White label SMS and Voice platform for resellers.

The best white label platform for resellers, distributors, marketing agencies and franchises.

Reseller companies of SMS and Voice messages that use SMSEASYSMS they have at their disposal a fully customizable and customizable tool.

The perfect solution for SMS and Voice distributors with direct connections and full control over the platform, from where you can manage your users and reseller accounts.

What can you customize?

DESIGN - Own brand
  • Issue
  • Your logo and company name
  • Platform access login
  • Admin page
  • Welcome image and text
  • Colors
  • Statistics formats and colors
Personalization - Own brand
  • Configurate urls settings
  • Configuration of automatic alerts
  • Invoice history
  • Integrate your own domain
  • Use your own legal texts
  • Integrate your own security certificate with the help of our technicians
  • You will have priority technical and commercial support

We make it easy for you to focus only on what is important, all our improvements are included.

Thanks to the complete customization of the web platform, reseller companies are able to sell SMS and Voice services to their customers so that they perceive the service as belonging to the company, without perceiving that the tool that is n using is SMSEASYSMS.

SMSEASYSMS is a complete tool that evolves with customers and their needs.

So you will not only have a tool from which to send your SMS campaigns and voice messages, but you will also be using a platform that introduces improvements for you and your customers. All this at no additional cost, you pay only for your shipments not for the tool.

  • Total control over customer prices.
  • Installation, maintenance and design included.
  • SMS and Voice campaigns easily and quickly.
  • Take your company's communication to the highest level forever.

Contact us without obligation and start taking advantage of one of the strongest sectors with the greatest potential.


Fully customizable platform.

Fully customizable platform. Hosted in your domain, with your own logo and corporate image.

Installation and integration is simple and fast. In less than a day, you could be using the SMSEASYSMS tool.

Create and manage customer accounts, load balance, assign rates and routes, configure senders and much more.

Your customers for not sending marketing campaigns or transactional messages through the most effective channels: SMS and voice

Global coverage at best price. We offer you the best routes on the market.

Integration via API.

Integration via API. Automate your SMS sendings from your software through ours APIS.

Offer your customers the most complete statistics for delivery and campaign.

Manage your contacts in an optimal way. Import contacts from databases, create sending groups, manage your blacklists and much more.

Contact us and ask for your SMSEASYSMS account. Start today.


Why choose us?

Maximize your profits

We offer unbeatable prices for our partners. You can establish your sales prices yourself:
  • Percentage of purchase price.
  • Differential.
  • Fixed selling price.

Complete and simple

It is the simplest and most complete platform on the market for sending SMS and Voice.

It is just a few minutes you will be able to get the maximum performance.

SMSEASYSMS is a complete tool that evolves with customers and their needs.

We introduce improvements for you and your customers at no additional cost.

Multilanguage and multicurrency

We are the most reliable partner and with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. With offices in several countries, we offer a multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency platform.

Our platform is totally free, with no setup or maintenance costs.


to help you whenever you need it.